A virtual keyholder service coming soon

For men in chastity, who need a keyholder.

Low cost

Start for only $5 per month, and it includes Chastitychoices.com beta access!


The system expects you perform actions and report on them, with the keyholders reacting to your feedback.

Known characters

Our virtual keyholders are all from the chastitychoices.com series of college games!

How does it work?

The concept in two simple steps to do each day

Report to Teagan

The most present character on Chastitychoices.com will collect your daily information. Did you get unlocked? Did you follow the assigned tasks?

In a way, she is the secretary of your keyholder, so that you don't bother your assigned partners with boring details.

Read an update from your Keyholder

After checking with Teagan, you will get the opportunity to get an update from your chosen virtual keyholder.

They will decide if it's time for a release, if you need to do special tasks. They will talk a little about themselves.

Some steps will repeat, but new ones will get added, with surprises and updates.

Get updates on when the site will launch

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